A bit of catching up, and letting go…

So needless to say, there’s been a lot going on in the 7 months since I’ve written anything, and that’s probably one major reason for why I’ve not updated this blog.

We’ve had a wedding, which was beyond what I could of hoped for (a big sigh of relief there). My biggest ‘If I had the chance to do that over again I’d change….’ would be the cake. I worked twice as hard on it than I ended up needing to,( the bottom layer ended up collapsing on the way to the venue) but it tasted good, so that’s what counts right?

wedding cover.jpg

We’ve dealt with getting the next visa over and done with sorted out for me (another sigh of relief). I’m still not sure how I lucked out and found the awesome lawyers I did to help me through the labyrinth that is the UK Visa process, but I’m still thankful I did, because there’s no way I could’ve done it without them. Least that’s sorted out for the next couple of years before we’ve got to grapple with that again.

We’ve gone on a vacation to visit my family and friends back in Ohio, which included some moments I won’t soon forget…. some (or most) of those memories may or may not be manatee related! DSCN1212.JPG




….. and now it’s time to find somewhere who will let me use my OCD powers for good, which might be a bit tricky, since while I know the only way we’re going to afford all those things that come along with adulthood, like a house and such, we will need more than 1 income, finding somewhere all my good qualities will be used to it’s full effect will be a definite plus….

….. so if anyone reading this knows of someone looking for a personal organizer, I’m your woman!


One realization I didn’t expect to have while on our visit to Columbus and visiting with my family and friends, who we’d traveled so far to see, was making a decision on a couple things I’d been on the fence about for a while, perhaps longer than I should’ve.

Life is too short to deal with any more baggage and drama than you need to, and while that might sound like a cliche, something people say without really meaning, but here, it’s definitely the case. With there being so many things for all of us have to remember, and do, and be responsible for, to wait around while someone chooses to not return the courtesy…. well…. no. Just no.

We make time for the things we want to spend time on…. no one is that busy to not return a call or text or message or smoke signal these days as everyone’s phone is usually within reach. If someone is important, we remember to get back to them, and if we forget, we do what we can to make up for the lapse in our memory. To do anything is just rude, and my extended warranty on being patience finally ran out.

What I’m not saying is that allowances can be made… that each friendship isn’t different and people don’t deserve second chances…. that life gets in the way in ways we can’t predict, but what I am saying is that friendship is a valuable thing, and to treat it as anything other than that is just rude.


So other than manatees and weddings and on the hunt for a job, what other things are worth catching everyone up on?

In crafty news, I’ve gotten better and better at dying my own fabric for all the cross stitchery, embroider-esque projects I soon hope to be starting on. I’ve got one small project to complete as a thank you, but after that I’ll be able to use some of this very colorful fabric on my next project…


Other than that, I will try to post more often. I am posting more pictures on my Instagram page (search for likeatinygreenunicorn and hopefully that’ll do it), so that will get more shared to there than writing these long blogs, but hey, if I write more often, then each one should (theoretically) be shorter…… right?

More words later!


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