Less than a week to go!

It’s weird to think that after all this planning, and waiting, and everything we’ve got less than a week to go before the big day!

All that’s left to tackle now is getting the cake done, but as I’ve planned on giving myself two and a half days to get it all perfect, I should have more than enough time to get it all done by Friday, even is a cake-tastrophe should happen.


The favors are all set to go….. Our version of a ‘guest book’ is all ready…. I’ve even got the confetti all coned up and ready for throwing…. We’ve even got enough music lined up to cover the reception and then some…

One last project that I should get done in time is doing a bit of decorating on the pair of Converse shoes I plan on wearing for the reception. Maybe it’ll be a good thing I’ve only got a day or two to decorate them so it might keep me from over complicating them too much. But since I loved how the invitations turned out, maybe there’s something to be said for a bit of over complicating.

Now we’ve just got to keep all available fingers crossed that we have good weather (or just no rain… please weather gods!) and that everyone makes it to the venue on time… no one trips into the cake, and I don’t manage to drop anything on my dress…… so basically all the normal stuff people worry about with less than a week to go before getting married.

More words, and exciting shoe related news no doubt, later!


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