A curious paradox….

Since my last post, I have noticed that when you have the time to update the blog, there’s not a whole lot of interesting things to write about going on, but when you’ve got a whole lot of interesting stuff going on, there’s no time to update the blog!

So after a quick check of what point we were at in the last post, we were just visiting our first venue to see if it looked as interesting as it did on its website, and needless to say, it was not love at first sight. Stuffed moose heads usually don’t inspire a romantic wedding-esque feel…. I’m sure it was what someone out there was looking for, but for us, uh……. no…..

…. and the second place we visited, while nice and a well deserved runner-up, was decided against for a couple reasons, but it would of meant a longer travel time, and while nice, it did leave us with a vague conference room feel afterwards, which wasn’t really the vibe we were hoping for.

Luckily Venue Number 3 was the baby bear of venues for us. It was close, had lovely surroundings (complete with many many bunnies running everywhere) complete with a pond, so when it came to comparing the three, it was a pretty easy decision on having it here —> http://www.greathallingburymanor.co.uk/weddings/

Venue: Done!

Then it was the daunting task of picking a photographer. Handing such an important task to just anyone, when these pictures are ones you can’t recreate, was something I was very nervous about, but in a stroke of luck, one of the photographers listed in the information the venue provided was available on the date we needed.

After looking though his website, and then meeting him in person, I have no doubts he can make us look less like a pair of deer caught in headlights and more like a relaxed couple on their wedding day….

…… and if you’d like to see exactly how awesome his work is., please check out his website here:  https://mattheathphotography.com/

Wedding photographer: DONE!

Though the ease of finding a photographer was tempered with how frustrating giving notice of marriage was! There are only 4 things we had to produce so that we can go through this process of giving notice we’re getting married, but it wasn’t as simple as it sounds. It was tough enough we needed to the point we had to make appointments in the end before we had everything.

….. then it was getting the registrar, who is the person who shows up on the day who does the legal officiating, scheduled so we had a time as well. The fun part begins when one needs you to have the other part taken care of, while the other part needs information from the first you couldn’t have without having the second taken care of. Confused? Yeah…. me too. Luckily we had a lady at the office for whom this was not her first day on the job, so we got there in the end.

Notice of Marriage: Done….. finally….

Registrar: and …..Done!

So then with all that done, it was time to get the invitations started. As I had all the supplies to make them, and the time, and having done enough crafting in the past to feel confident I could do it, I set myself the task of making all the invitations. They started out almost like my dress, as they weren’t what I was really wanting to start, but the more I worked on it, the better they got, until in the end, they became more and more intricate and completely one of a kind.

Luckily too, I had the luxury of only needing to make about 20 of them, since if I was in the situation where I was looking at needing 200, I would of had to start making them a year ago, since just these 20 took about 2 weeks to make. Granted, they ended up (and my count might be a bit off) having close to 50 different steps for each one……

…… yes…. the word ‘over achiever’ has already been used…. ^.^

This is just a peek as to how the inside of the cards looked at the very beginning. It might not make much sense without more context, but that’ll come later…. 

I’ll post more pictures of the invites later, since as of now, some people haven’t received them, and I don’t want to spoil the surprise just yet. Once everyone gets theirs, I’ll get more pictures in a future post.

Invitations: DONE!!!


So what’s next?

  • Making test cakes to see if my idea of doing two different flavors in the same pan will work as well as I expect.
  • Finding a suit for the future spouse/ his best man (which I think we’ve found a place that has suits that aren’t all slim fit)
  • Starting on making a lot of paper flowers (more on those later)

And the hen party! But that’s something I’ll make sure to post more about as it will be so very awesome!!

More words (and pictures of test cakes) later!


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