Chapter Two: The First Appointment

So in my recent blog silence, there has been a bit going on….

….. such as making appointments to see the final 3 venues in person.


I knew finding a few places to choose from to have this wedding of ours wouldn’t be calling up the first place that looks good and them being available on just the date we hoped for would be something akin to living in a fairy dream land where everyone rides around on magical unicorns that shoot rainbows out of their horns, but I don’t know if I would of expected having to call, and get so many rejections.

Sure, I know most people plan their weddings a year or more in advance. That most people have some church or place that they love and that’s significant in some way so can plan the date around the venue’s availability, and planning a whole wedding in 4 months is a rather short time frame…..

…. and yes, I know most people have a guest list that’s more than 30 or so people, but when most places I’ve contacted say their minimum number of guests is twice that, and you’ve got to pay for that number irregardless….. ummmmm no. I’m not willing to pay for 60 guests when I’ve not got nearly half that on my guest list.

So it’s not been a walk in the park, (and with it being in November as the hopeful target date, most parks are out too), but there’s three places we’ve got appointments to take a closer look at, with the first one being tonight. is the first location we’re visiting tonight.

It looks lovely on the website, and so far, the ladies I’ve talked to on the phone have been very helpful and willing to work within our budget and number of guest.     The only downside  as of now is they’re not available that weekend on the Saturday, only the Sunday, so that might be a point against it if the tentative plans we have are going to work, but more on that later!

More words (and appointment news) later!


One thought on “Chapter Two: The First Appointment

  1. I’m trying to leave a reply but it doesn’t seem to be happening.
    Here goes another try…
    I’d be there in spirit–if I had one.
    I hope it’s as lovely as can be for youns.


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