Chapter One: A hunt for a venue….

So it’s been a week since I’ve landed, and everything’s been great…. I’ve unpacked, settled in…. made a trip to the grocery store without getting lost… … and now it’s time to start those first tentative steps into wedding plans. Eeek you may, because I sorta am having done a tiny bit of searching so far….

I’ve been a bridesmaid once, and apart from knowing more or less what I want if I saw it, I’ve realized it’s a good thing I like planning and making lists, because many lists have been made already. I might know what I like when I see, it’s just finding that something that’s the trick….

Thankfully, I’ve finished my dress myself, (no…. you won’t see any pictures here of it until the day of, since I’m not wanting eyes that shouldn’t be seeing it before then catching sight of it) and I’m more than fine letting invitations and making the cake… heck.. I’ve even got plans for making some of the flowers, so most of the big things to find, or will be squared away soon enough….

…. it’s just the where that’s the thing I’ve got to get sorted out, and soon, because the where determines a lot, like the date, where you register (and no, this isn’t the type of registering for toasters and blenders). I started to set up an appointment to see the local register office, buuuuuut they’re closed on Wednesdays (insert face-palm here).

And with not a ton of time to get everything done, it’ll be crossing our fingers and hoping I can find something that’s both affordable, but not throwing things together in a haphazard way at the last second. I found a couple places that are in the realm of what I’m looking for, maybe, but we’ll have to hope they’ve got dates available at roughly the time we’re hoping for, which will have to be before December 3rd.

Now, off to make some calls!

More words (and hopefully good news) later!



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