Taking off and landing….

So it took about 2 weeks to get packed… to carefully decide what came, what stayed and what went into the donation/give away/sell pile…. and after a day or so after landing, everything’s more or less unpacked. It’s like one of those meals that takes days to prepare, and everyone inhales in 5 minutes…..

The flight from Columbus to DC was not packed, and overall, wasn’t too bouncy, wasn’t like feeling like I was riding around in a washing machine, so it was pretty nice….

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.. … .but landing in DC is where things became a bit more hectic. The boarding pass said I was due to land at 9:20, and the boarding time for the next flight was 9:25….. I came in around gate D26/28…. (the far right on the top terminal) and my flight out was at C6….. (the far left)…….


….needless to say, it was quite the scramble to get off plane A, speed walk though a LOT of other people, and not pass out right in front of the gate agent. They had passed by boarding group by the time I got there, but I didn’t miss my flight. I only had about enough time to beach myself in my seat before my (according to the seating chart) once empty row became completely full…. which I’m sure there’s more annoying things in the world, but sitting next to a rather annoying chick for 8 hours…. well…. imagine sitting next to a young 20 something girl who constantly checking her phone, (which didn’t have wi-fi) ordered drinks that I think we’re just straight rum (which isn’t really a smell I enjoy at the best of times) and tried every position to sleep in that lead me to believe she must of been a contortionist. It was like sitting next to that annoying person at the movies you end up moving away from for 8 hours….

And yes, I know I said I was going to try and do a bit of vlogging while on the way here, but with two heavy bags, and worried I was going to get stranded in DC, my camera didn’t get a whole lot of love, but I’m working on trying to get something started soon, so don’t give up hope just yet….

Even all that aside…. I’m just relieved and happy and excited to be here finally! I don’t quite know if my brain has completely let it sink in that this is life now… but I’m sure it won’t be too long before I don’t wake up expecting to be back in Columbus.

Now it’s just trying to figure out how to plan a wedding…. We’ll have to start soon figuring out a budget, then find a place that won’t be too expensive, which will dictate the date, and then to figure out this announcement part that’s a requirement here. Just have to keep my fingers crossed we’l be able to start getting all the right boxes checked off soon….


More words (and hopeful vlogging) later!



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