Today’s the day!

After much waiting….. and much waiting… and yet more waiting… and then lots of packing…. today is finally the day for getting myself on a plane…. and then another plane… and then it’ll be FINALLY getting to my destination of Heathrow!

It doesn’t feel as though this has all sunken in yet…. as if it’s all going to be some dream induced joke, and I’ll wake up and find we’re still waiting for the government to get back to me with visa news, but I’m thinking that once I get there, get though the immigration line (hopefully this time without such a scary guy quizzing me before stamping my passport) and collect all my very heavy luggage…. I’ll start to believe this is my life then….

…. until then… I’m going to keep pinching myself.

I’m going to attempt doing a couple vlogs along the way which might not get uploaded super promptly… but with all this new fangled technology…. who knows. I might be able to  get youtube to cooperate, and when I do, I shall share it here.  Maybe I’ll be able to get as many views as I’ve got subscribers, so as always…. please share share share. It really does mean a lot to me to see comments, shares, likes, and anything that shows someone out there is reading this. The more people like this blog, the more I’ll share!

And now, to heave all my stuff into the car and get going! Wish me luck!

More words (and hopefully vlogs) later!


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