When one way costs more than a round trip….

Plane tickets are expensive.

Well, international plane tickets are. And when you’re flying with three weeks notice, after a holiday and at the start of the summer vacation season? …. yeah….. expensive….. But in the end, it’s worth it. I could try to say how much I’m excited to be back in the UK, but I’m trying to keep this post short.

It was a bit surprising to see that the one way ticket this time was more than the round trip ticket I bought back for the trip in December!

July 5th will be the leaving date, and I’ll be landing there July 6th (baring some sort of plane hiccup)!!!

Just gotta get though this last week of work, my last day after 13 years of working for the same company will be Thursday, and then it’ll be dealing with all my stuff for the time leading up to the 5th and then hopping on the plane!

More words, and less sticker shock, later!


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