Waiting…. waiting, and yet more waiting.



I’d love to be able to report that I’ve had some good news, or any news, but nothing as of yet. Yes, granted, it’s only been like 16/17 business days since I received an email informing me my application had gotten there and was being prepped to be looked at…. and in the grand scheme of governmental time tables, that’s still early….

……. but urggg…… hearing something positive to let us know they were looking at it, or having them contact some of the people who took the time to write out statements…. or even just have them call me to verify some information would be lovely.

So fingers crossed everyone! I’m not expecting to hear anything tomorrow (since I’m not totally sure I should be counting Friday’s in the ‘business day count’ either) so we’ll just have to keep positive and hope we hear some good news soon…..

In other news, I did have a birthday recently, and it wasn’t as much fun as last years, (or what I anticipate next years will be), mainly due to me forgetting to request the day off from work. Over 13 years working for the same company, and this last one I forget to request off. ::::insert digital face-palm here::: Guess that’s one of those signs you’re getting old….

More (hopefully good) words later!


2 thoughts on “Waiting…. waiting, and yet more waiting.

  1. Crossing everrrry extremity! It will happen when you aren’t expecting it….and aren’t they busy with Tea for like half of the day? So maybe the 16/17 days should only be counted for around 10/11 US days. 😉 ::hugs::

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    1. I think it’s sorta like when you order something in the mail… It’ll show up the day you think it won’t. I just hope we hear something positive soon….. (I keep feeling like I’ve got to say ‘something positive’ because if I start saying ‘I hope I hear something soon’ it might not be good…. but that’s just me being weird ^.^))


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