And now…. we wait….

And fingers crossed as my application makes it way across the Atlantic once again towards Sheffield and it will (hopefully) be there by Wednesday/Thursday. Now we’ve just got to hope hope hope they get to it soon and I get it back and approved just as quickly. Realistically it probably won’t get seen to for a week or two…. but one can hope. It would definitely be an excellent pre-birthday present to get an approved visa back, that’s for sure… even better than going to see the next Captain America movie…..

It was nice when my bio-metrics appointment was over and done with before my appointment time as I got there early, and after a bit of chasing around, I finally figured out the way to get my return shipping label printed.

My advice for anyone trying this…. Use the visa site’s offered method of shipping it there and back. It’s MUCH easier than trying to wrangle around with UPS or FedEx, who were less than helpful when it came to knowing what return postage even was, so while it might cost a bit more, it’s definitely easier.

More words (and hopeful good news) later!


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