The trip to New York that never will be…

So skipping past the part where I apologize for not writing much in the last week or two….

Good news everyone

One for the the ‘Good News Everyone!’ column…

The still growing mini-mountain that is my application paperwork has arrived at the end of last week, and my visa application has -finally!- been submitted (can I get a hall-a-freaking-llujah!? Cue the confetti!!!)…. so as of now, I’ve just got to wait until early next week for my appointment to get my inky fingerprints on some official papers and off the paperwork will go once again with all available fingers crossed, probably after triple checking everything’s correct….

In one of those communicational errors, that was thankfully an easy fix…. I thought for about a day or so that I would need to go all the way to New York for my bio-metric appointment, and I was a bit unsure of if it really was the only place I could go… ((hey… I’m new at all this… who was I to know))…. luckily, the what would of been 18+ hour round trip won’t need to happen, and I’ll be visiting a location about 20 minutes from where I live….

……. *insert one gigantic sigh of relief here*….. I would of found a way to make that trip if I had NO other option, but I’m also extremely glad it wasn’t the only option.

This is going to sound odd, but, even with how long we’ve had to wait so far to get to this point, I’m going to be so happy when all we’ve got to do is wait once my application is in the hands of the official peoples….

….. which I know sounds like I’m excited about waiting to wait…. but least that’ll feel more like productive waiting. Just have to hope everything goes smoothly from now until I get approved, (of which there’ll be more updates when I’ve got things to update about).

More words (and hopefully good news!) later!


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