Who ever said parting was sweet sorrow….

….was full of it. End of story…. no part of parting is sweet…. 😡

Today’s the long loathed day of departure back home, and while I tried to mentally prepare for leaving…. trying to remember this is only temporary until I have a shiny new visa in my hand and am back here faster than you can say, ‘What exactly is a Digestive Biscuit?’….. yeah…. none of that worked and I’ve become a sniffling, salt watery puddle since yesterday.

I’m currently sitting in the area where you sit while waiting for the gate to open…. and sad to say, they have chosen some of the worst music for a departure gate…. sappy music about how much you’re going to miss someone in a place like this should be an arrestable crime….

I did find myself trying to distract myself enough while making it here that I thanked an escalator as I got off it, and apologized to my carry on for giving it a bit of a kick…. so it looks like my coping method for going home will be talking to inanimate objects….


…….even the tiny green unicorn is looking droopy too…. (and apologies for not using said green unicorn more before now…. but as he’s small and delicate…)… and after much poking, I still have no idea why the picture wants to be sideways…. :::shaking fist::: curse you Internet gremlins!!! ((::although after posting it seems to have righted itself…. score another for the gremlins….::))

Here comes the dude to tell us to get in our seats so I’d better try and post this before I’m meant to turn this thing off….

I knew I should of taken some Excedrin with breakfast :/

More words, and snifflings, later…..


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