London Trip… Part 6: Tower Bridge and the Tower of London

Tower bride as seen firstly from London Bridge and then along the river to the right and across….


The Shard….

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Even with the blur of a runner, this is a favorite picture of mine due to the time at which it was taken ^.^

And lastly, my favorite…. The Tower of London.

This is a place I would love to go back to, take the tour, see the ravens, and try and contain myself looking at the Crown Jewels. The walls seemed shorter than I previously thought, but when you notice the deep moat, and that the seemingly short inner tower/castle part is further away than it looked at first glance, it’s easy to imagine it being rather formidable when it was first built…

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And these two pictures might look like an ordinary picture of the Tower… but they are some of my favorites taken all day since they were snapped right after a pretty important question was asked….


……. and it was no surprise to anyone that I said ‘yes!!!!’ to him immediately! There’s a story of a lost glove in there too, but that’s a tale for another time…..

So, now it’s sadly almost time to head back home, get the visa sorted out (more on that later for sure) and hope everything gets sorted out and ::fingers crossed and positive thoughts here:: I’m back here by the beginning of this July.

More words later!!


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