London Trip… Part 2: Big Ben

Part 2: The return to Big Ben…

During my trip at almost this same time last year I visited Big Ben. It wasn’t part of such a full day trip like this one was, more something cool to go look at on the second to last day, so it was neat to revisit it and see it from another vantage point other than right next to it this time…

Like the London Eye, it was unexpected to see it crop up in the background of other pictures, so this won’t be the last time Big Ben makes an appearance. These are just the shots taken leading up to and away from it…… any lurking Ben pictures will show up later…

20160215_114253DSCN0171DSCN0163                      DSCN0183DSCN0169DSCN0186

Up next: St. James Park and Buckingham Palace!

More words (and pictures) later!


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