Trip into London… Part 1: The London Eye

Again, I apologize for the lateness of this update. Between full weekends and trying to sort out good software to edit the influx of pictures I’ve taken lately (and getting more discouraged than anything) I’ve finally had the time to edit the pictures I’d taken recently. Today I only got about a third of the way though them, but I thought it would be easier to post and edit a bit at a time, than try to tackle them all at once.

Monday a trip into London was definitely a highlight of this trip, which is probably why I’ve got 200+ pictures to try and get though. Since there was so many shots taken, and knowing no one would want to see that many all in one post, I’ll be putting one location in each post in the order we visited them.

First…. The London Eye.

This trip didn’t include going around the giant Ferris wheel, but it was rather impressiveĀ all the same. It kept appearing in the distance, so it’ll pop up in later pictures, which gives some indication at how much of the city you’d be able to see if you took the 30 minute ride…


And yes, it really is unbelievably gigantic when you get close to it… or even miles away from it.

Up next….

Big Ben!



More words (and pictures) later!


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