Venturing out on my own…

Guess it seems rather strange to be so proud of myself after taking my first train ride by myself… that was only one stop away…. at an off-peak time…. to the nearest art supply store…. but I am!

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Although these pictures make it look as though I just took a scenic trip between train stations, there was an art supply store visit in there too.

The shop (a picture of their sign is in the pics above) was pretty good. I found a few things I hadn’t come across elesewhere, like a tiny pocket sized fountain pen that had grey ink as a color choice, and from the last pic in the slideshow, I brought home quite a few other things too.

Also, BB8 is going to be next in the series I’ve been working on. R2D2 was first, and Boba Fett was next, and Blue Beetle or C3PO will follow. Any suggestions for any further works you’d like to see, please feel free to leave any ideas in the comments below.


More words (and adventures) later!


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