Cutting a glass bottle in two….

…. and it actually worked!

I felt like I could do more with this bottle than recycle it like normal, so I figured I’d turn it into somthing useful instead of leaving it to sit on the counter any more….



….. and after!


All it took was wrapping the bottle with some string (All I had was embroidery floss), soaking the string in acetone, (luckily my nail polish remover worked) and then lighting the soaked string on fire!

Once the acetone is just about burned away, you plunge it in cold water, and if you’ve wrapped enough string around it (meaning there’ll be enough acetone to heat it up enough), it causes the glass to crack in a nice neat ring. Sanding down the sharp edges was a good idea too.

There’s youtube videos on how to do this for anyone who’s got a glass bottle sitting around they want to put their pens or whatever else in. Just make sure to have the cold water handy in case….


And now… to work on a review for ‘The Hateful 8’….

More words later!


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