Playing catch up…

Between Christmas, and New Years, and celebrating a certain special person’s birthday this past weekend, that’s not left a whole load of extra time for updating, but now with all that over with, I’m going to try and better at being more regular with the sharing.

New Year’s eve was spent in typical geeky fashion….sharing the couch and watching Age of Ultron. It -could- of been fun to head out and take in the fireworks, but after seeing the thousands of other people we would of had to elbow though on the t.v. news coverage, uh……. I think chosing the couch option was the better one.

After being here for more than three weeks now, it’s been interesting to see some of the differences between the US and the UK, and not just the lack of gun stores.

Back home, walking usually consisted of the distance between the parking spot and the store. Here, and without a car, I’ve had to rely on my own feet, which hasn’t been the giant adjustment I would of expected. I think it’s helped that this time around I came prepared with spongier shoes too.

Eventually I’ll get brave enough and venture on a train by myself, but so far, there’s been nothing far enough to need a train to get there, (apart from getting home from the airport). I’ll have to figure out someplace close enough yet far enough away to need a train to get there and not be far enough away to need a GPS tracking collar to get home.

This past weekend was spent with a group of friends as we celebrated the  birthday of the boyfriend, and as someone who doesn’t really drink all that much, I think I had just enough to feel a bit different, without feeling like I was going to need to find a convient bush to depoist my previous meal into. Everyone had a good time, and it was only after we’d gotten home that I realized I’d failed to take any pictures….. so it looks like we’ll all have to get together again soon so I can.

I did manage to wrangle the oven into cooperating into baking a cake, which came out better than I hoped for…


Look out for another blog full of pictures, most of which will be of the river that is helpfully right behind our flat. I’ll get better at taking more shots of the surrounding area, but for now, hopefully pictures of ducks won’t be completely uninteresting.

More words (and pictures) later!


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