A whole bunch of updating!

I know… I know…. I’ve been lagging behind on sharing anything new in the past few days…. but you can’t blame me too much… there’s been a lot of stuff going on around here…..
….. even if that stuff is figuring out how to make it to the grocery store and back without ending up in the next county.

I have managed a way to get the pictures off my big camera with the fancy lens and onto the tablet and thus, able to share them here…. so this post might end up a bit more picture heavy than normal.






Most of these pictures were from a trip to Cromer (….. really hoping I’m spelling that right). It was fun to see the ocean, and it was made more enjoyable since we managed to not get attacked by any seagulls….


I’m going to try and get a couple more posts done and shared over the holiday, but if I don’t manage to until after Christmas, hoping everyone has a fun and amazing holiday!!

More words later!


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