New mugs and finding ‘American’ foods


It’s been a crazy couple days full of finding hedgehog mugs, a couple close encounters with seagulls and paying a visit to a store in London that specializes in ‘American’ foods.

I knew there would be a few foods I’d be unable to find when arriving here in the UK, and ones I’d miss enough to want to track down. For me, not having A1 and any sort of ranch dressing was prooving a problem. Sure I could’ve done without them…. found another product that was close to it, but sometimes the heart wants what it wants… and mine was longing for steak sauce.


I do think that some of my favorite foods will get thrown into my next checked bag when I’m traveling back here, since an hour or so trip into London every time I’d like a bag of Chex Mix or Hershey’s syrup is a bit out of my budget, but for now, I’m a happy bunny.

Today also inlcuded a trip to Forbidden Planet, a comic book store full of things destined to separate me from my money. I did find a Pop Vinyl from Monty Python and the holy grail that counts as an early Christmas Present… but the most unexpectedly (and more unfortunately, no picture was taken) part was watching a middle aged man swooping around the store in a full Jedi outfit. I’m all for dressing up as your favorite character from a movie, but he did seem as though he’d become separated from his Jedi tour group….

I’ve also got some pics I need to retrieve from my SD card in the bigger camera that include the seaside, and they’ll get shared as soon as I can figure out how to transfer them out of the camera.

More words later!


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