Finally landed and settled-ish…


It’s been a couple of unpacking and getting some groceries….

The flight out of D.C. to Heathrow was rather bouncy, and towards the end, the crossiant that was meant to be our ‘breakfast’ didn’t get touched out of fear it would make a return trip….

Sunrise on the way towards London…

And I’m glad that the passport people who ask what brings you to their country and how long you intend to stay do their job, but I think I got the one who would be skeptical if it was Jesus coming though his line. There were a few moments where I started to worry that he wouldn’t give my passport a stamp, but he did, and all’s well. It’s a good thing I knew how long I could stay because otherwise I think he would of given me even more grief…..

Almost…… there….. 

Today’s been a day of grocery shopping and finding things like towels and shampoo.  It has been rather weird to have a shop close enough to walk to since everytime I want to go to Target or something similar, it involves a 15 minute drive in the car….

I’ve attempted to do a couple vlogs, but they’re still needing to be uploaded and edited, so I might wait until I have more content before sharing them. I had intended to do some on the way between the gate and the different stages in Heathrow, but juggling a camera while holding onto all my luggage kinda wasn’t a possibility unfortunately,… but there’ll be plenty of opportunities to get some more filming done soon…

More later!


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