Packing…. is…. exhausting…


Especially when you’re so tiny… 

Got though most of my packing last night and with only a little more to do before I’m finished I really hope there’s not anything super important I’ll be forgetting. Suppose as long as I’ve got my passport and credit card I can’t go too wrong….

Luckily I’m not visiting a country that is so remote that I can’t buy another pair of shoes if I find the ones I’m bringing with me aren’t enough. I would like to know how a suitcase can look so deceptively huge before you start packing, and it soon becomes way too small after only putting a few things into it.

Twas also the last day at work for a while today…. I would like to say I’ll miss it, but it would be more accurate to say I’ll miss the people I work with more…



My flight leaves at 7:30ish PM Thursday and fingers crossed it goes as smoothly and boringly as my flight back in February… with the same airline and airport for a connecting flight, (as well as almost the same seats) I hope I don’t run into any hiccups and I’ll have to liven up a rather sedate trip, instead of having to contend with a manic trip that would make a thrilling blog addition.

Less than 24 hours to go!


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