A bit of Noodling….

There’s a few things I know I’ll miss when I’m away…. … Like A1 sauce, or knowing how to get around without resorting to using a map or a GPS tracking collar, as well as certain places to eat that won’t be an option when I’m running on GMT….

Noodles and Company would be one such place I’ll miss eating at, since if it’s got meat and cheese and pasta, I’m usually a happy camper….

And garlic bread… can’t forget the garlic bread..

Catching up with a friend before I leave was a definite plus too… ((She deciding to only have her hands in the picture ^.^)) They messed up her order, but she managed to luck out by getting her next bowl free….


Only problem this time around was while this usual combination of meat and cheese and noodles is lovely, (I’m always one who prefers their pasta with a soupier sauce) but this time around, everything about half way though started congealing into an almost concrete mass, and entombed my noodles in a thick layer of cheese that was rather unappetizing…. ((I decided not to take a picture of that, since I wanted to spare the innocent…..)).

….. it was too much cheese…. even for me… .which is saying something.

I’m thinking this could be the universe’s way of making it easier to miss one of my favorite places to eat…. but in my opinion, it would of been a much better send off if I had gotten a bowl of noodles that I could of been able to finish.

Just three more days to go!!!.. and tomorrow…. packing. Lots of packing….


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