All wrapped up….

….. or at least my nails are.

With only 4 days before I’ll be headed to the airport, and it being still a bit too early to start packing, (that’ll be over the next 3 days), I felt like it was finally time to cross having my nails done off the list, and since I don’t think trying to use the portable heater I have to make applying these nail wraps at the airport would be a good idea, I finished them all last night.

First with the cutting each oval provided in half to fit each nail….

Design names: White Romance/Between the lines/First Frost

Then with the heating…. and applying….. and trimming…..










And done!


Both hands took about less than an hour from start to finish, and they should last well after I arrive and am ready to throw something more a more festive wrap on for the holidays, probably something including snowflakes.

So while I know doing my nails doesn’t help with any of the packing I’ve still got left to do, but meh…. I’ve got enough time to get everything sorted before Thursday, and if it takes that long to get packed, perhaps me thinks I’m bringing too much stuff…..


And in other news….

Today’s adventures included visiting my grandmother before I leave, and having only been there once before (a long story, but it’s a new place to where she’d been living before) and to my surprise, there was a chicken wandering around the neighboring house! On my previous visit on Thanksgiving it came over to investigate while I was getting things out of the car, and it was there again today! The sorta odd part has been it’s not been spotted by any other family member who’s been to visit any other time when I’ve not gone….

…….. Guess if I was a Disney princess, I’d have this chicken as my companion…. ….. I will admit… it does sorta make me want a chicken as a pet…

Living in the city, chickens aren’t something I see all that often in walking around form, so having this one be so friendly means it gets her picture shared….


No…. no I don’t have any food… and no, my phone is not anything you want to eat….

Four days until I’m on a plane!!! More later about the art of packing and how I wish the same people who made the T.A.R.D.I.S. also made luggage….


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