Many musical distractions

Nothing like -finally- getting long awaited for things in the mail to derail ones plans for the evening.

After a long day of tracking the progress of my newest purchases, (and with a great amount of self restraint, I didn’t tackle the poor mail person as they approached the door) the arrival of a new pair of snazzy noise canceling headphones among other things meant scurrying off to iTunes to purchase a lot of new music to listen to while I’ll be in the air and away from the warm embrace of a cell signal.

Many hours later…..

After having to remember what an Apple I.D. even was, and resetting a password… and updating my card info….. and then sifting though the many many of songs I’d been holding off on downloading, it was well past even my bedtime……. so while I did get new shiny nail wraps done as well, they will get done and shared this weekend, when focusing on something precise isn’t quite such an impossibility…

And, after getting myself a converter to go from USB to micro-USB, the thought being I could just plug in my camera or phone to my tablet….. when that didn’t work quite as anticipated,  I figured maybe an easier way would be getting the wi-fi feature the camera has to work….


……… oh modern technology…. they make it so easy for anyone to figure it out…. which is why it took me half an hour to get the two pieces to reconize each other….

Looks like that tech wizard title might be slipping out of my grasp….

Only 6 more days to go!



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