Let the countdown begin!

Now that the countdown to my next trans-Atlantic departure has FINALLY reached single digits, it’s almost time to break out the luggage and start figuring out what I’ll need for the two and a half months I’ll be away….

One thing I have found some time to do that hasn’t involved throwing things into a suitcase in the past few days is work on a visual journal…. which is somewhere between a normal journal and a sketch book. The ones I’m using have watercolor paper pages in them, so it makes painting on both sides of the page very easy. For anyone who’s interested in taking a look…


Here’s what I’ve gotten done so far. This size (5.5 by 8 inch) and a larger version (9 by 12 inch) will both be traveling with me, so there will be more to share later…




Wednesday almost meant visiting my best friend for the last time before my jumping on a plane. Can’t say it wasn’t tough to think I wouldn’t get to hang out with her for so long, but thankfully, that’s what Skype was made for. I had hoped to snap a picture of the tiny green unicorn while we were having lunch, but handling saucy wings and a felted animal wasn’t the best idea….

…. so instead….  ((https://fourwheelersandchickenwings.wordpress.com/ …. maybe sharing will get her writing too ^.^ ))


Thursday should mean a package in the mail from Jamberry, and a subsequent rave about how much I love their nail wraps, as well as continuing the countdown!

Just 8 days left!


4 thoughts on “Let the countdown begin!

  1. So happy to see this post!! Less than a week my friend! I will miss you oodles of noodles as you know, but there are wonderful ways for me to share in your adventure!!! This is a test run so to speak for me too…..without knowing you’re right there (and even closer now with the magical freeway….lol!!!) I’m gonna save the mushies for another day and time. Because SO exciting! ::squee:: and you’ll be back. 😉 And I totally forgot about that blog!!! I really need to start finishing things…..now I have 2 that have nothing! Bahahaha ::hugs::

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  2. Well, things happen for a reason…..I thought it has been lost forever. So excited! Btw, I don’t know if it’s because I’m using mobile, but I’m unable to see any images you posted except for your title page. I’m definitely have to add your new home to my time zone clock! I still think you are “meant” to live there since your internal clock seems to be set to the prime meridian. 😉


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