What’s all this then?


First post on this new blog! Signal the confetti cannons!

So with a title such as this one, it probably raises a few questioning eyebrows such as what this blog is going to be about… or even how such a title got dreamt up….

…… and I wouldn’t blame you. It is rather…. different… but to start, I thought I’d explain the brief story behind how I came to land on such a name….


As an avid Star Wars fan, and being a fan of one small creature in this universe of a galaxy far far away in particular, Yoda was always a favorite. My problem being, as a curious and geeky kid, who grew into an equally and geekier adult, is…… what species is Yoda anyway!?!

Now I’m sure there will be someone out there who will know what species Yoda belongs to, but as I’ve not found it, and as of writing this, he’s been the only small green creature I’ve come across, he reminded me of the legend involving unicorns and how in said legend, there is only every one solitary, singular unicorn…..

………….and yes, please hold your letters, comments and carrier pigeons telling me all about how there’s more than one unicorn in another story. I know there’s other takes on the myth of the horse with a horn growing out of its forehead, but in the interests of this blog, I’m relating to the one that told there’s only every just the one….

…… which brings us back to Yoda. I’ve described him to people unfamiliar with Star Wars as ‘He’s like he’s a tiny green unicorn’, so in the hunt for a blog name that was memorable (I hope) and was something I could illustrate myself, said phrase made the final cut and here we are.


What is this blog going to be about?

Me… basically. I’m planning to move from my home in Ohio, to live with my boyfriend who lives in the UK within the next year, and this blog will be about my journey from here to there, including all the crazy stuff that happens along the way….. and with how things usually are for me…. expect a bit of crazy-ness….. or at least nutty-ness…. Hilarity will ensure  at some point I assure you.

I have made an actual tiny green unicorn that will get it’s picture taken a lot as go on my travels. There’ll be vlogs later on, since watching a video is always more entertaining than reading, and hopefully an American trying to figure out all the new things I’ll have after moving, things like metric system, and trains… and what Boxing Day is for starters, will keep everyone entertained….

There’s a  Facebook page where you can post comments about things you’d like to see in future posts…….. every like is appreciated!   https://www.facebook.com/Likeatinygreenunicorn/

…. and a Youtube channel that, while though it  doesn’t have anything on it now, will soon…. ish…..and no doubt other forms of social media will get added later on as time passes…..

So don’t be shy! Comment… message…. poke…. share… or all of the above! I can’t wait to get started!


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